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          This site is dedicated to members of the 1st Aviation Brigade, 10 CAB, 183rd Sea Horses RAC.

          The 183rd Aviation Company operated out of Nha Trang, Dong Ba Thin, Phan Rang, Bao Loc,

          Dalat,  Ban Me Thout, Gia Nhia and Phan Thiet.  Visit my Guest book, find old friends, view pictures,

          visit military links, and read stories from Birddog pilots .





        The members of the 183rd Seahorses hope you enjoy our web site.  Feel free to take a look around and check out the different tabs where you can view our history, pictures, some neat videos, and stories about combat experiences that our vets have shared.  There are links to other sites with a military presence.  Visit our products page where you can order hats, t-shirts, commerative coins, decals  etc.  Last of all, Sign our Guestbook - We love hearing from you.      



At the request of our President, Charlie Mingus, and our Reunion Chairman and host, John Anderson,
the following

WARNING ORDER is issued:

The Veterans of the 183rd Aviation Company (Seahorses) will hold a MAJOR REUNION

at the Best Western Premier in Bryan, Texas, 30 March until 2 April, 2017.

 A special room rate is offered to reunion attendees of $99.00 per night plus tax for standard king rooms

and $104.00 per night plus tax for double queen and king suites.  This rate includes a complementary breakfast and wifi.  

To get this special rate, you must mention that you are attending the Seahorse Reunion.

The hotel information is as follows:

Best Western PREMIER Bryan College Station
1920 Austin’s Colony Parkway
Bryan, Texas 77802
Phone (979)731-5304
FAX (979)731-5301


See below for the latest information

  1. Contract: Approved, I will sign it on the behalf of the 183rd.
  2. Meals:
    1. Thursday night: Heavy snacks(I can’t spell hors d’oeuvre).
    2. Friday night: Hangar Party, will attempt to have meal donated.
    3. Saturday night: Hotel, will attempt to have meal donated as well.
  3. Activities:Shirts: T-shirts and golf shirts: Navy, various sizes but especially 2XL, logos front and back on t-shirts and front on golf shirts.
    1. Friday: Bush 41 Museum and Library with Texas A&M Singing Cadets.
    2. Friday or Saturday: Tour of Texas A&M: Memorial Student Center; Kyle Field; Sam Houston Sanders Corps of Cadets Center.
    3. Friday or Saturday: Museum of the American GI.
    4. Friday or Saturday night: Aggie Wranglers Country and Western Dance Team.
    5. Saturday morning: Memorial service at the Veterans Memorial.
    6. Saturday night: Dinner, dance(with DJ)(He’ll play music. You don’t dance WITH him).
  4. Welcome bags: Convention and Visitors Bureau will help.
  5. Travel:
    1. Airlines: American, United, Southwest, Frontier, Jet Blue.
    2. Airports: Austin(AUS), Bush(IAH), Dallas(DFW), College Station Easterwood Field(CLL) connection through DFW via American or IAH via United.
    3. Ground transportation: Ground Shuttle from IAH and back.

While the planning & organizing is still in progress, some of the special activities are already planned.
This promises to be a great and unique reunion.  We are not getting any younger and this will be a great
opportunity to join with your fellow Seahorse Brothers to remember our lost brothers, relive our Vietnam and
post Vietnam experiences and have a good time together. It won't be the same without YOU............
There will be more information coming and we promise that this is one reunion that you will not want to miss.
Mark your calendars and start planning to join us in Bryan, Texas


                            The Seahorse's listed below have made their reseveration for the upcomming Reunion.......

                        John Domagata;   David Neff;    Robert Beal;    James Benoit;    John Fischer;    Marcus Mitchell
                         Joseph Parise;    James Smyth;   Donald Tyler;    Tom Wing;     William Beard;   John Anderson
Hiram Johnston; Charlie Mingus; Paul Sottak; Johnny Byard; Anthony Cardillo;
Linda Greene; David Haidle; James Higby; Bob Howland; Samuel Jones; Richard Kloppenburg
Evelyn Koski; Gerald Lemons; Linen Matherne; Vincente Morales; Joseph Roberts; Virgil Timblin, Steve Beard
Benny Blick, Ash Cutchin, Dale Helms, Randy Jones, Rick Jones, Jerry Lemons, Jim McHaney, Dave Neff
Virgil Timblin

Print out the below form & mail it TODAY
 Hint: To easly print form, hold down cursor to highlite the form, r/click, select print from popup block.


              REGISTRATION FORM 

Veterans of 183rd Aviation Company Bird Dog Unit Reunion

Best Western Premier

Bryan, TX 77802

March 30 - April 2


Reunion Activities Registration Form


                  Name ________________________________________________________________________


                  Address _______________________________________________________________________


                  Phone Number ______________________ Email Address _______________________________


                  Units/Dates/Locations in RVN _____________________________________________________


                  I plan to attend and bring __________ guest(s) with me. The names of the guest(s) (for name tags) is/are    


                                                                         Calculate Your Activities/Registration Fee


# Attending




                Thursday, Heavy Hors d'oeuvres






                 Friday, Hangar Dinner






                 Saturday, Banquet






                 Reunion Fee






                (cost of Bush Library Museum Tour, American GI Museum Tour, & Tour of Veteran Memorial)


Total Reunion Activities Fee



                   Voluntary tax deductible contribution to the Veterans of the 183rd Aviation Company $__________

                   Make check out for the Total Reunion Fee to: The Veterans of the 183rd Aviation Company

                    Mail completed form and check to: Dave Neff, 767 E. 1250 Rd., Lawrence KS, 66046-9200

                  Texas A&M is providing great entertainment and support with the Singing Cadets, Ross Volunteer Firing Squad and Bugler, Aggie Wrangler Dance Team, and a Tour of the Corps of Cadets Center


       Here is some good info to help you get from the Airport to the Motel

1. Houston Intercontinental (IAH): 100 miles, 1 1/2 hours. There is a company called Ground Shuttle (web site Ground shuttle.com) that leaves IAH every 2 hours and can be scheduled up to 1 hour in advance for $30.00 per person. United Airlines connects directly into College Station Easterwood airport (CLL) but I don't know at what cost.

2. Dallas/Fort Worth International (DFW): 200 miles, 3 hours. No ground shuttle that I know of. American Airlines connects directly into CLL.

3. Austin-Bergstrom International (AUS): 100 miles, 1 hour 45 minutes. No ground shuttle or connecting flights.

4. Houston Hobby (HOU): 110 miles, 1 hour 45 minutes. Ground Shuttle for $40.00. No connecting flights.

If people are arriving and/or departing at or near the same time they can use Ground Shuttle together.













                                                   VA Wants All Veterans Exposed to AO to Apply for Benefits


This year (2015)  marks the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, the first U.S. combat troops arrived in Vietnam in March of 1965.


More than 58,000 Americans died in the Vietnam conflict. Now, many who survived, are fighting diseases the U.S. government now recognizes were caused by a very powerful toxic chemical used in the jungle war zone.     

A list of diseases, cancers, and illnesses, many of them common have "presumptively" been linked to the toxic chemical, Agent Orange.

 Since 2010, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recognized a list of diseases, cancers, and illnesses caused by the chemical Agent Orange, now, the VA is making a renewed push to make sure everyone knows benefits are available to veterans sickened by Agent Orange.

The list includes a variety of illnesses, which include, but not limited to:  Type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, tespiratory cancers, all chronic B-call leukemias, Hodkin's diseases, non-hodgkin's lymphoma, Parkinson's disease, Ischemic heart disease, and others.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Vietnam veterans who aren't aware of the Agent Orange presumptive diseases. Furthermore, some veterans choose not to go to the VA for their treatment or some veterans have never thought to apply.  Yet, other veterans aren't sure
"how to" apply.

 The VA maintain surviving spouses, dependent children and dependent parents of veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange and died as the result of diseases related to the exposure may be eligible for VA benefits.

Claiming a disability from exposure to Agent Orange is an expedited claims process since the illnesses are "presumed" to be connected to Agent Orange exposure, meaning Vietnam Veterans don't have to prove an association between their medical problems and their military service as it relates to exposure to Agent Orange.

 Any veteran or family member who might fit any of these categories should call their VA Regional Office at 1-800-827-1000, visit in-person, or file an online claim at www.va.gov.










 The above link is a fantastic slide show with music that shows lots of photos and all branches of the services representated.  See SOG, Seals, Puff, M-48 tanks, SF teams, Medevacs, Choppers, LRRP's etc. etc.
It's seems a little tricky to view at first, but well worth the time it takes to download.  When you first click on it, your asked to
open or save.  Click open, then another box to download, click allow, takes a minute or so to download.  Sit back and relive some memories you may have forgotten.
We invite you to watch this video on youtube.  It's an art show entittled  "War on Truth" that honors veterans from AZ.  This is a great project that helps Vets cope with their feelings.  Just click & watch. 


We found this video that features the song " We gotta get out of this place" by The Animal's.  It shows some pictures maybe you've seen before, maybe some you haven't.  For all you aircraft junkies, blow the video up to full screen, pause it at about 36 seconds into the video, check out the crashed airplane.  Wonder how many of you can identify what kind it was?????.  Hope you enjoy




 Mission Statement


             It is the Mission of the Veterans of the 183rd Aviation Company (Seahorses) to preserve our history,

         remember and honor our lost Seahorse brothers, renew and maintain relationships developed by serving

                       in the 183rd Aviation Company during the Vietnam War, and provide mutual support.



Please check out the below video from youtube.  It is a fitting tribute to all you Warriors.









                         We are now classified as a Non-Profit organization .

           Our organization was classified as a 501 (c) (19), EIN #83-0507505 in 2010, with an effective date of exemption 
           of March 11,  2008.

           This classification may allow Veterans of the 183 rd to deduct certain expenses in their tax returns for    
           activites associated with our unit   (please contact your tax advisor on the specifics of these deductions).

           Contributions are tax deductible. I look forward to hearing your suggestions and working with you



           Please contact the appropriate seahorses if you have anything to communicate, especially stories to share

           or the names of newly located brothers.

                                          Contact information for the Steering Committee of the 183rd Aviation Company


           President:                     Charlie Mingus
638 N Walton Lakeshore Dr 
Panama City, Fl.  32413 
Ph. 334-301-3574 
  Membership/Registration: Jim Benoit
219 Cardinal Ln.
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Ph. 508-221-0091
           Vice President: John Fischer
6163 S. Marion Ave. 
Tulsa, OK  74136 
 Ph. 918-493-6235
  Military Affairs: Dick Kloppenburg
8050 84th  Ave. S.E
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Ph. 425-747-5263
           Treasurer: David Neff
767 East 1250 Rd
Lawrence, KS 66046
Ph. 785-843-8966
  Unit Chaplin: David Haidle
432 W. Pierce Street
Elburn, IL 60119
Ph. 630-365-2124
           Secretary: Hiram Johnston
1321 Beaver Dam Rd.
Madison,GA 30650
Ph. 706-342-9136
  Unit Historian:  Mark Mitchell 
4611 Park Ridge Dr. 
Benton,LA 71006 
Ph. 318-422-6871 
           Editors/publishers: Ash Cutchin
29018 Darden Point Rd
Courtland VA 23837

Don Tyler
1086 N. Old Franklin Rd.
Nashville,NC 27856
Ph. 252-478-3546
  Web Management: Jim McHaney
1020 S. 124th Street
Chandler, AZ 85286
Ph. 480-510-2745

Bob Howland
5691 Hillsdale Street
Ft. Lawn, SC 29714
Ph. 803-872-4381



         This Web site was inspired by Mr. Jim Penzin and created by Jim McHaney . Please provide any feedback you may have
             concerning this site to Jim McHaney.

             A special thanks for the following Sea Horse veterans who gave materials and support for this page: Charles Pettyjohn,
             Jim Penzin, Jay Bauer, Cleveland Ashley, Jerry Lemons, Roger Willis, James Benoit, Jerry Bussel and John Fischer.
             Special recognition to Alan Cherin  (Shortround),  and Bill Keener for their contributions in finding so many 183rd Vets.